1. 5 Impressive Deck Designs for Your Deck Build

    You want to build a deck for your home in Fort Collins, but you’re not sure what type or style of deck you want. You’ve got a list of how you want to use your new deck, but you’re not sure how the design is going to affect this list. Ultimately, you’re ready to talk to a local deck installer…Read More

  2. The 4 Reasons to Build an Outdoor Living Space

    Imagine your home. Where do you spend the majority of your time? For most, it’s the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and backyard. You spend time in most of these places due to necessity. You have to sleep, shower, and eat. But why do we love to spend so much time outside? An open letter from Harvard s…Read More

  3. 6 Important Deck Safety Tips

    As a deck owner, you have one more obligation to maintain and take care of: your deck. One of the scariest moments for a deck owner is when their upper-level deck gets overloaded and collapses under the weight of friends and family. It can be a tragedy that you do not want to experience. This is jus…Read More

  4. 4 Unique Deck Types

    For most, a deck is a single-level platform built off the back of their home. While this is considered a deck, there are so many more options to fit your needs as a homeowner. Maybe you have a smaller space, but you still want a “deck” feature. What if you have two different rear entrances from …Read More

  5. 2019 Deck Trends To Follow

    As a homeowner, you’re acutely aware of the value of your home. You want to add value, and you want to enjoy it while you’re still living in it. What’s more, you want to add a deck onto your home. It’s a great sentiment, but have you done your research yet? A great way to get exactly what yo…Read More

  6. 5 Local Deck Installer Scams To Avoid

    You’ve made the final decision to add a deck to your home. You and the spouse are excited. The kids are dreaming of all the ways they can use the deck to hang out with their friends. You’re focused on the value it’s going to add to your home, an asset you’ve invested in for the last six year…Read More

  7. The 6 Benefits Of A Pergola

    Have you been considering a pergola for your backyard, deck, or pool area? A pergola is a great feature to add to any backyard, no matter where you may be placing it. There are many reasons why you should install a pergola. In fact, we wrote a blog about why you should install one over your deck rec…Read More

  8. Why Install A Pergola Over Your Deck

    You already have a deck, but you want to add something to it, whether it be an overhead feature or a gazebo off in one corner. You consider the pros and cons of each, and you decide that installing a pergola over your deck is the best option. But where do you start? Well, if you had a deck builder c…Read More

  9. What You Need To Know About A Freestanding Deck

    There are a number of reasons why you may want to go with a freestanding deck instead of a traditional deck. In many cases, the biggest reason is that you cannot attach the deck you want to your home. Other reasons may rely solely on how you want to use the feature. At the end of the day, decks are …Read More

  10. How To Choose The Best Deck Railing For Your Project

    You’re about to build your first deck on your home. It’s an exciting experience. You get to choose the color, material, layout, and more. You’ll have plenty of features included so that you can host events for friends and family. You’ll be able to spend quiet time watching the sun set behind…Read More