As a homeowner, you’re acutely aware of the value of your home. You want to add value, and you want to enjoy it while you’re still living in it. What’s more, you want to add a deck onto your home. It’s a great sentiment, but have you done your research yet? A great way to get exactly what you want is to call multiple local deck installers, get quotes, and compare the prices. In fact, JJ Fencing & Decks will help you choose which installer to choose, if you bring your quotes down to our local office. In the meantime, you will be designing your deck to be installed. Here are the deck trends in 2019 to watch.

2019 Deck Trends

You want to know what is popular and what is yesteryear so that your friends, family, and neighbors respect you more. Here are the 2019 deck trends to watch so that you’re the talk of the community when you host events:

#1. Deck Shading

A huge trend in 2019 is to get outside more, especially in Colorado. One way you can positively influence this trend is to add deck shading to your backyard feature. This is a great way to keep the warm Colorado sun off your face while you spend more time outside with family and friends. There are dozens of shading applications you can choose from, including stands, awnings, pergolas, gazebos, and more. Don’t limit yourself to one option, either. If you can fit more than one feature on your deck, make it happen.

#2. Bold Colors

A deck is typically the color of wood, a shade of brown. A trend that JJ Fencing & Decks is seeing emerge for 2019 is the use of bold colors that are not a shade of brown. So if you want a turquoise, maroon, or brick red deck, it’s time to get started.

#3. Transformative Spaces

Whether you have an expansive backyard or a small side alley, a trend that will emerge is the transformation of spaces otherwise abandoned. A deck can be so many different things for you and your family. If you have a backyard, a deck can be a multi-level feature that is used for events and more. A side-alley deck can be an intimate getaway for you and your spouse after a long week of work.

#4. Add Water Features

A surprising trend that’s surfacing is the implementation of water features on or near the deck, whether it be a fountain, waterfall, or otherwise. Water features are beneficial in general to your health, but it also adds another layer to the outdoor experience.

#5. Modern Lighting

As lighting becomes sleek and less obtrusive, the deck industry is following. A modern take on lighting is going to emerge for homeowners during their deck installations. What’s more, lights are a great way to set the mood, add layers, and create an ambiance for you and your guests.

You deserve a great deck for your home. JJ Fencing & Decks is here to help keep you up to date on trends and tips for your deck. As your local deck installers, we serve Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to get a free estimate on your project.