You’re about to build your first deck on your home. It’s an exciting experience. You get to choose the color, material, layout, and more. You’ll have plenty of features included so that you can host events for friends and family. You’ll be able to spend quiet time watching the sun set behind the mountains. At the end of the day, a deck build is a fantastic addition to your home, but you have one question unanswered: which deck railing is the best for my project?

Four Steps To Choose The Perfect Deck Railing

If you’re working with a local decking contractor in Fort Collins, you will eventually discuss which railing you want to install on your project. However, here are the four steps to make sure you make the best deck railing, whether it’s horizontal or vertical:

Step #1 – Determine Your Budget

If you’re working with a deck contractor in Fort Collins, you will eventually work on this before the deck building begins. However, if you’re building the deck yourself, you need to determine what you can afford to spend before you go out and choose your railing.

Step #2 – Research Materials

Make sure the materials you choose match the materials you will be using for your deck. If you’re adding a railing, find more than one railing option that you like.

Step #3 – Evaluate Your Deck Height

This is more for building codes than it is for aesthetic. The building codes in Fort Collins require a specific railing height for decks more than two feet off the ground. Make sure the railing you choose meets these requirements before you purchase the materials.

Step #4 – Choose Color and Style

Finally, you get to have a little fun with your deck railing. Choose the color and style that fits within your budget and meets all building code requirements. Whether you want a top rail style or traditional vertical rail aesthetic, you or your decking contractor can install it.

Deck Railing Benefits

Deck railings serve more than one purpose. Here are some of the common benefits to adding a deck railing to your existing deck:

Seclusion – A deck railing makes your deck feel more secluded.
Safety – Whether your deck is one inch or one foot off the ground, a railing offers added safety for pets and little ones so that they do not fall off the deck edge.
Aesthetic – You are able to choose custom colors, material, and style to to match your existing deck features.

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