You want to build a deck for your home in Fort Collins, but you’re not sure what type or style of deck you want. You’ve got a list of how you want to use your new deck, but you’re not sure how the design is going to affect this list. Ultimately, you’re ready to talk to a local deck installer, but you’re not sure what to ask — or how to determine which installer is a better choice. You’re not alone. Thousands of homeowners in Fort Collins are looking to build a deck, but they don’t know where to start.

At JJ Fencing & Decks, we’re here to serve you and your deck building needs. As local deck installers serving Fort Collins, we want to share some impressive deck design ideas with you that may inspire you to make that phone call to us.

5 Deck Designs

#1. Attached Deck

Much like a patio, this type of deck is attached to your home and built out of composite or wood. This deck is slightly raised from the ground with two or more steps to the ground, not exceeding two feet off the ground. This deck is commonly described as a bridge from your back door to your backyard.

#2. Island Deck (Detached)

You can go with an island deck, otherwise known as a detached deck. Much like a kitchen island, the detached deck is a great feature to install in or near your garden. Also, if you have an existing patio off the back of your home, a deck a few yards away from this patio may be the ideal option. If you come across a peninsula deck, this is also considered a detached deck; it connects a home to a distant patio, pool, or outdoor feature.

#3. Wraparound Deck

Similar to a wraparound porch, a deck is simply elevated and allows travel around the outside of the home for at least two walls. In some cases, wraparound decks can surround an entire home. This style of deck allows you to move into or away from the sun. It also extends the activity space of your home farther than a traditional deck.

#4. Multi-Level Deck

If you have an uneven backyard or want to add extra space to your deck installation, you can go with a multi-level deck. Larger properties that have changes in elevation are great for the multi-level design. Multiple platforms allow for various areas of gathering or quiet contemplation. With multi-level designs, the terrain usually determines where you build and how you build.

#5. Pool Deck

For most, a pool deck is elevated. However, if you have an in-ground pool, you can build a deck around it and reap the benefits. What’s more, wood and composite are slip resistant, which make it slightly safer than concrete or stone. Finally, wood makes for a warm feel when around water. The heat of the sun and the moisture of the water mix while the wood is a nice middle ground.

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