There are a number of reasons why you may want to go with a freestanding deck instead of a traditional deck. In many cases, the biggest reason is that you cannot attach the deck you want to your home. Other reasons may rely solely on how you want to use the feature.

At the end of the day, decks are versatile home features that can be built independently of your home or structure, and they are great to have for family events, friendly gatherings, and individual moments staring at the Rocky Mountain Range to the West.

In this post, we’ll discuss what determines a deck as freestanding, why you may need one, and how you can find the best deck builder in Fort Collins to install your deck for you.

What Is A Freestanding Deck?

A freestanding deck is an independent feature built without being attached to a home wall-ledger. Some freestanding decks are built in an open area like a large backyard or field. You may have also seen an above-ground pool surrounding partially by a deck. This is also considered a freestanding deck. What’s more, freestanding decks are great for other applications like gardens, horse-fields, and ponds.

Why Build A Freestanding Deck?

As mentioned above, some decks simply cannot be attached to a home or structure. This means that they need to be secured to the ground in a number of ways to be considered safe to use. Also, Larimer County code states that a permit is needed if a:

Deck is greater than 30 inches above ground; or
Deck serves as the main entry/exit to a structure

If your decking project does not exceed either of these requirements, you do not need a permit. Freestanding decks allow for installation without a permit in a lot of circumstances.

Hire A Deck Contractor Or Do It Yourself?

It’s a question that many homeowners have to answer before they get started on their decking project. Some start the project on their own, but they soon realize there is more expertise needed to build a functional, safe deck for their family to use. The plans, dimensions, materials, tools, and more all need to be accounted for before the project begins, or the project will take longer than it needs to be completed.

If you decide to hire a decking contractor that serves Fort Collins, you will find that your freestanding deck project gets completed quicker and more efficiently, providing you with the deck you envisioned before you got started.

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