You already have a deck, but you want to add something to it, whether it be an overhead feature or a gazebo off in one corner. You consider the pros and cons of each, and you decide that installing a pergola over your deck is the best option. But where do you start? Well, if you had a deck builder construct your deck, you can call said contractor and ask if they offer pergola installation, or you can simply call JJ Fencing & Decks. We’ve installed hundreds of pergolas all over northern Colorado, and we’re ready to install yours.

In fact, this post is all about the benefits of why you should install a pergola over your deck. We’ll share six reasons.

Six Reasons To Own A Pergola

Reason #1 – Pergolas Define Space

Want to make a certain area on your deck the sitting area? Build a pergola over it. The four posts that hold the feature up and the overhead will define the space as separate from the rest of the deck.

Reason #2 – Pergolas Provide Moderate Privacy

Line of sight is a huge deal when it comes to privacy. In fact, most homeowner don’t want to be completely cut off from the outside world. They would rather have a slight obstruction that blocks most of someone else’s sight compared to a solid wall. A pergola offers this type of privacy. What’s more, you can add retractable barriers or walls that close off the space when you actually need full privacy.

Reason #3 – Pergolas Offer More Space For Plants

Do you love plants? Need more space to pot and hang them? A pergola offers extra space so that you can hang a dozen or more plants on your back deck. What’s more, you can customize your pergola to be a plant paradise, adding features up and down the posts for even more plants.

Reason #4 – Pergolas Provide Much Needed Shade

During Colorado summers, it can get hot. For most of us, our only respite is the shade. But what if your deck or back patio does not have shade? You either don’t use it, or you install a pergola.

Reason #5 – Pergolas Are Easily Installed

Once you decide on size and placement, you can call your local deck builder in Fort Collins to design and build it for you. Get on their schedule early, though, seeing that more homeowners in the area are starting to take advantage of the dwindling contractors in the area.

Reason #6 – Pergolas Can Be Combined With Other Structures

If you have a pool area that needs an “entrance” of sorts, you can install a pergola. Or, you can use a pergola on your deck to make it feel more secluded and special when family or friends come over to visit.

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