For most, a deck is a single-level platform built off the back of their home. While this is considered a deck, there are so many more options to fit your needs as a homeowner. Maybe you have a smaller space, but you still want a “deck” feature. What if you have two different rear entrances from your backyard into your home? Do you build two decks or one? Which door do you build the deck off of? There are quite a few questions that you may have. As a local deck installer, JJ Fencing & Decks wants to share the four types of decks that you can utilize to enhance the exterior of your home.

Four Deck Types

When choosing which deck you want to build, it’s important to know your options. Here are four unique deck types you can choose from:

#1. Curved Deck

Rectangular decks are still a viable option for most, but you can be even more unique with a curved deck. Combining composite building materials and deck building know-how, you can mold custom shapes and get a curved deck. It’s a unique, stylish way to be a little different than the rest of the deck owners in the neighborhood.

#2. Multi-Level Decks

Gone are the days where you have to stick with a single level deck. You can have more than one level, including a curved deck. For example, you can have a curved deck with two levels to fit the needs of you, your family, and your guests.

#3. Pool Deck

If you have an above ground pool, you can make it easy to access with a pool deck. This deck can be curved, rectangular, or otherwise to fit your pool. You can surround your entire pool or simply erect it on one end for easy access to the fun times in the water.

#4. Gazebos

Although Gazebos aren’t technically a deck, they still function with a similar purpose. They offer an elevated space off the ground for you and your family to enjoy. Also, you can add a gazebo to your deck, too, which gives you a place to read a book, watch a movie, or simply relax after a long day.

How To Choose The Best Deck Build

It can be tough to choose which deck build is best for you and your family. In fact, most get estimates from multiple local deck installers. First, you want to define your deck building budget. Second, you want to determine the type and shape of your deck. Third, you want to find a local deck installer. Finally, you want to sign a contract and get your deck installed.

JJ Fencing & Decks: Your Local Deck Installers in Fort Collins

If you live in Fort Collins and want a deck, JJ Fencing & Decks is here to serve you. We’ve been serving northern Colorado for years. Our expert team is here to make sure you get the deck that you deserve. Call today to get your estimate!