1. What You Need to Know Before Building A Deck

    If you decide to build a deck on your own, it can be an exhilarating experience. Not only are you adding a feature to your home, but you’re contributing directly to the value of your house. When you invite guests over you can point at the deck and say, “I built this with my own two hands.” The…Read More

  2. Want a Gazebo? Ask yourself these questions!

    So you’ve got a great outdoor living space? Want to add a focal feature most homeowners don’t consider after they build a fence or a deck? When it comes to backyard structures and features, JJ Fencing & Decks can help. A gazebo is a great addition to a fenced in backyard. You can place one n…Read More

  3. Stunning Backyard Design Ideas – Part Two

    Hello, and welcome back! In our last blog post, we mentioned some of the top things you can do when planning for your backyard design. For example, we mentioned discussing exactly what it is you want to achieve with your backyard. Paying attention to the sun and how it hits your home can be essentia…Read More

  4. Stunning Backyard Design Ideas – Part One

    Whether you have lived in your Loveland home for years or you’re brand new to the area, you’ve probably decided that it’s time to do something with that backyard space! Whether you’re debating between a decking build or a new garden, the possibilities can seem endless. Today, we at JJ Fencin…Read More

  5. Enjoying Your Deck in the Fall

    Summer has now come to an end, but if you think you can’t enjoy any more fun times on your deck this fall, you are sorely mistaken! Your deck is one of the best things about your outdoor property, so don’t let it go unused for an extra season. If you chose the decking build yourself, then make s…Read More

  6. Choosing a Pergola

    Sometimes, your outdoor space is missing something. If you don’t know what that something is, then our team is here to help you figure it out. We want you to have a beautiful, yet functional outdoor space that meets all your needs, whether it be to keep your family active or to entertain guests. I…Read More