In our last blog post, we mentioned five great ways to make the most out of your deck and upgrade your space. Because the weather is so wonderful here in Fort Collins, it makes sense that you would want to entertain your guests as much as possible in the great outdoors. Let the team at JJ Fencing & Decks help you as you work towards your dream decking build and space. Here are a few more ways we suggest in order to boost your deck’s appearance.

Use Plants

One great way to liven up the area on your deck is to utilize natural colors. What better way to do this than a favorite potted plant or two? If you have a wooden deck, we recommend hanging the pots or placing them on a table someplace. When you water your plants and they have direct contact with the deck below, it can occasionally lead to wood rot.

Embellish Railings

If you already have railings or boundaries to your deck, then you might want to consider adding some extra details to make the railings really stand out. Whether decorative spindles or ball tops are more your style, you’ll find something to love that will be that tiny detail bringing the whole space together.

Bring the Indoors Outside

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the Colorado sunshine and set up some comfortable patio furniture outside! You can extend your living space to your deck and start using a nice table and chairs as the perfect brunch oasis on the weekend. Feel free to get creative and use fixtures and furnishings to create “zones.” One place for eating, one place for grilling, and one for lounging.

Choose Sound

Is any party really complete without some music for everyone to enjoy? You can always choose a weatherproof outdoor sound system to keep your company grooving to the tunes all night long. They can also help keep your company outside, meaning fewer messes being tracked in and out of the home. Make the most of your summer months with an outdoor sound system.

Relax and Splash

For a significant upgrade to your deck, turn it into an oasis with a hot tub! You can designate a corner of your deck to the addition, or you can add onto the deck to accommodate it. If you would like to increase your privacy, add tall plants around the hot tub and enjoy your relaxing time in peace.

Room for More

If you would like to really make the most of your deck space, talk to us about adding levels. You can always create a round decking build or add an addition to the deck to create more space. Increasing both style and function is never a bad idea!

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When it comes to designing your backyard space, there is no team of contractors you can trust quite like ours. We understand both the design and construction elements of a quality deck, and we look forward to working with you as you tell us about your dream deck.