You look forward to entertaining guests on your deck, especially now that we are in the full swing of summer. However, if you feel like your deck might be lacking that little something that will really make it feel perfect, read on to learn more! We at JJ Fencing & Decks have compiled our top ways to upgrade your deck. Contact us today if you are looking for a decking build or other improvement.

Clean, Repair, Stain

Before you add any items, decor, or other interesting concepts to your deck, make sure to get the basics done. Even the fanciest of upgrades and embellishments won’t hide a deck that is dirty, grimy, and faded. Set a clear time each year so you can clean and restain your deck flooring. This will help protect it against that tricky Fort Collins weather come winter!

Sit and Store

One of the best ways to utilize your outdoor space is to create built-in benches that can also be used for storage. You can keep games out there or anything else you think you might need on your deck. Put some nice cushions and pillows on top to make this space more inviting. Just be sure to choose fabrics and pillows that were designed to be outdoors and can stand up to the elements!


Not every day is filled with sunshine—even in Colorado—but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your deck. Using the right covering, such as a wooden pergola dressed in outdoor fabric will allow you to make the most of this space and entertain, even when the weather is less than ideal. If you want a sturdier covering, look into a custom roof frame outfitted with clear, polycarbonate panels.


The addition of a railing or gate on your deck can help the space feel more enclosed and cozy. This may make you feel more at ease if you have children playing on your deck frequently. Plus, these railings would provide a flat surface for other additions to your yard, such as bird feeders or other ornaments. Top your railing with a ledge so it can make a makeshift spot for your guests to set their drinks!

Blend in Seating

If you are worried about your seating space standing out too much from the deck, or if you are worried about not having enough space at all, consider adding a bench that is connected to the raining. The benches can be designed to blend in with the deck and create that seamless look you’re aiming for.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our services and the decking build we can do for your Fort Collins or other northern Colorado home, contact us today! There are many small ways to upgrade a deck you already have, but we can also help you build one from the ground up if you don’t already have that space. We look forward to working with you and assisting you in designing the ultimate deck you’ve been dreaming of. Call JJ Fencing & Decks today to get started!