Whether you have lived in your Fort Collins or Loveland home for years or you’re brand new to either area, you’ve probably decided that it’s time to do something with your backyard space! Whether you’re debating between a decking build or a new garden, the possibilities can seem endless. Today, we at JJ Fencing, as your local deck contractors, would like to share some of our top backyard and outdoor living space design ideas for you to try out! Contact us today for a decking or fence quote! Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

Figure Out Your Wants

What sorts of things do you want to accomplish with your outdoor living space? Whether your children demand more room to play or you want your dream entertainment spot, knowing what you want ahead of time can help guide you towards making more permanent decisions for the layout. If you have more than one idea when it comes to how your backyard space will be used (most people do), then you will want to figure out where to place all the elements so they don’t interfere with one other. Grab a pencil and some paper, lay out a rough idea of what you want, and feel free to change it whenever you feel it needs adjustment. Once you’re finished, contact your local deck contractors to start your project!

Pay Attention to the Weather

The sun and wind can be pretty unpredictable between Fort Collins and Loveland, but you probably know the basics of where the sunshine falls at various parts of the day. For example, if you are planning on putting a deck patio on the west side of your home, that might look lovely—but the afternoons are going to be very hot outside. Homeowners make similar mistakes when it comes to putting fire pits where the wind is strongest in their yard. If you understand where the sun hits at different parts of the year, as well as where the wind is strongest, you will be setting yourself up for success and comfort with your outdoor living space.

Start Small and Grow From There

While you might want to do a complete backyard makeover, it will help your wallet and your sanity to take everything piece by piece. A part of landscape design that goes overlooked is enjoying the development process. You don’t know what it will take for the yard to feel complete, so why not start with a flower bed? Now, if you have a big project in mind, such as a fence installation or deck construction, feel free to do this first. It may be the jumpstart you need to feel ready to tackle the rest of your designs. However, if you focus on doing the little tasks right and space them out, you are almost certain to feel more confident than if you rush through everything as quickly as possible.

Contact Your Deck Contractors in Fort Collins

In our next blog post, we will discuss even more ways to design your backyard and watch everything come together. We at JJ Fencing know that a finished backyard takes more than just some nice flowers and a trimmed tree. For a fence company and deck contractor you can rely on, please reach out to us today! We would be happy to give you a price estimate and get working on your Loveland or Fort Collins property as soon as we can. We’ll talk to you soon!