Hello, and welcome back! In our last blog post, we mentioned some of the top things you can do when planning for your backyard design. For example, we mentioned discussing exactly what it is you want to achieve with your backyard. Paying attention to the sun and how it hits your home can be essential to deciding where to place any entertainment space. Finally, start with small projects and move onto bigger ones like a deck or a gazebo to avoid rushing through your outdoor living space upgrades. Today, your local deck contractors in Fort Collins are going to cover some more important things to keep in mind while designing and implementing the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Pick a Focal Point

Most stunning backyard landscapes have some sort of focal point or spot that pulls the attention of visitors. This could be a specific tree you’re fond of, a sculpture, a small flowerbed, or a deck gazebo. Regardless of what you choose, the focal point should grab the visitor’s eye and guide them through the landscape. If you select a bold and beautiful focal point, you’ll find that your landscaping meets your design ideas and helps you feel more at home.

Scale and Pacing

Both the scale and pacing of your landscape can be some of the trickier landscaping tricks for beginners to master, but incorporating both of these in your yard will give it a pulled-together look. This means including variations in color, shape, and size to create visual interest. For example, put tall plants in the back of a flowerbed or against a building, then implement pathways to lead visitors through your space. By repeating different elements of your yard, whether that be a color, shape, or plant, you will feel a sense of cohesion. However, add something different now and then to avoid a feeling of monotony.

Open to Change and Variation

Unless you have a strong devotion to something in particular, be willing to mix it up! Some things just aren’t meant to withstand the test of time, and that can include some decisions you once made about your backyard that no longer reflect your tastes. Be open to the idea of mixing things up if you aren’t fully happy once everything is said and done, especially a few years down the road. Your space is available to be changed and updated as you see fit!

Your Local Deck Contractors in Fort Collins

We may be a little biased here at JJ Fencing, but we have to be honest. A deck build or new fence might be just what your backyard needs in order for you to feel the privacy and comfort you deserve. If either of these sounds like a great way to add to your yard, please don’t hesitate to contact our deck contractors in Fort Collins! The key to designing your best backyard ever is patience and planning, and we would be happy to provide both for your Loveland or Fort Collins outdoor living space. Contact us today if you have any questions, and let us help you get the backyard of your dreams.