Summer is quickly approaching, which means the season of barbecues and nights under the stars with friends are just around the corner! With all the warm weather quickly approaching, we are sure that you and your friends are thinking of the best ways to celebrate and spend some much needed time together. Get ready to throw some unforgettable parties! Do you have the space to entertain them? If you have considered a decking installation for your backyard, then we are the team to call. Here are a few of our favorite reasons you should consider have a deck installed in your backyard.

You can add value to your home.

While indoor home improvements can make a small difference when it comes to the value of your home, it can’t quite compare to the value added from a new deck! If increased value was not enough of an incentive, a decking build can also increase the stability of your home. Potential buyers will remember your home as one with a spacious deck out back, which can put you ahead of the competition when it’s time to finally sell. Don’t worry, the estimated return on a deck investment is around 72 percent, which is a better return than most other home improvement options.

You can entertain your friends and family with ease.

Regardless of how spacious your home is, a deck in the back will only increase your space for entertainment. Decks are perfect for hosting any backyard barbecues or parties at your house, especially when you aren’t sure if all of your friends can fit in your home. With the addition of some chairs, a table or two, and some music, you have the ideal place to be. People can mingle around the deck area, in your yard, or inside the home! Keep the doors open to invite people to go in and out as they please. Give yourself and your friends the space you all need in order to create memories that will last a lifetime!

You will add square footage to your home.

If you feel like you need to expand your living space, adding a deck is the best way to do this without knocking out a wall first. In Colorado, you know that a warm, sunny day is always right around the corner, meaning that your deck will probably see some use during all four seasons. Whether you choose to use this space for family breakfast, an afternoon workout, or a play space for your kids, this added living space may be just what you all need.

You can personalize it however you would like.

Decks are perfect for exercising your creative freedom however you would like. You can select patio furniture according to your tastes and add accessories to match. Or, if you are interested in something even more exciting, consider adding a hot tub! Of course, let us know if that’s your plan so we can make sure your deck is structured to withstand any water runoff without damaging the deck. A hot tub aside, you have the freedom to turn this deck into your own personal oasis. Add plants, light fixtures – whatever makes you feel the happiest in your new deck space!

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