If you are like many Fort Collins and Loveland families, you’ve been dreaming of the day when you can install a deck for your backyard. But before you get started, it’s important to think about what you’ll need in order to be happy with the finished product. For example, if you enjoy entertaining friends and family, you will require a little more space. However, if you just want to grill out on occasion or dine at a small table outdoors, a smaller deck will work just fine. Your local deck contractors in Fort Collins will address your decking concerns in the following post

Deck Design and Logistics

First of all, think about your dining room space. A family of four sitting around a five-foot-long table is still going to need space to push out their chairs and still move safely around the table. Depending on your deck goals, and with this in mind, you need to plan for that much space for your deck. Second, consider keeping green space in your yard to keep that feeling of being outside and enjoying nature. You don’t want to install a deck that is so large that maintaining the space becomes a challenge.

Feel free to drag your patio furniture, barbecue, heater, planting boxes, or whatever else outside and position them like you would want to on a deck. Use string and stakes to map out the edges of your soon-to-be-deck space. This way, you can see exactly how it will look and how much remaining yard you will have. Once you have a good size decided, it’s time to call your local deck contractors in Fort Collins!

Building and Zoning Codes

Any reputable deck contractor in Fort Collins, the team at JJ Fencing included, will know the local zoning and building codes specific to the Loveland and Fort Collins areas. Each area will have its own codes, but in general, as long as your deck stays within the edges of the house, you won’t have an issue. That means that the deck won’t extend past the house on either the left or the right side. If you want to be sure of the rules before you make any plans, call your local town hall to ask! You might also need to get a survey of your property to figure out exactly where property lines are.

Keep the View in Mind

Think about where we are—right by the gorgeous mountains. Use your new deck to take full advantage of this scenery. In order to tell where you should put your deck, go to that place outside. If the sights make you feel exhilarated, then you have found your perfect spot. While this may feel like common sense, keep in mind that your views will change ever so slightly when the deck is raised.

For example, if you have a six-foot fence around your backyard and you love that privacy, you might lose it with a deck. It will raise you up about three feet, meaning that walking across your deck will make you visible to your neighbors. If you don’t want to be peering into your neighbor’s backyard on your new deck, consider your options. You can always plant trees inside the fence line that will both block the view and help increase your privacy. You could also consider moving the deck boards in a way that will trick the eye. Running your floorboards away from a bad view will actually trick anyone on your deck to look in the direction the boards are facing.

Hire Your Local Deck Contractors in Fort Collins

Trust a team of professionals that can handle your deck installation needs. We understand that you want to turn your backyard into a mini getaway right outside your back door. Contact us today to learn how we may be able to help!