In Northern Colorado, the deck on a home is one of the most popular places to be for three out of four seasons of the year. With our relatively temperate and mostly dry climate, decks in and around the greater Windsor, Colorado area also tend to hold up quite well, unlike decks in the Southwest where sun destroys the seal and stain, or decks in New England, where the wet, cold weather can rot out the wood.


But just because we live in a great state for enjoying a deck, doesn’t mean that every deck is itself, great. A poorly constructed or hurriedly designed deck can be a liability. So if you’re purchasing a property with a deck or considering hiring a deck builder in Windsor to add a deck on your current property, then a list of traits you should look for in a quality deck should come in handy and can be found below.


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Quality Construction Materials

The first trait of a quality deck is that it is made with quality lumber. Cedar is the lumber of choice for many decks, although some homeowners prefer redwood or various kinds of pressure-treated woods. The lumber selected by your local deck builder in Windsor should be warp and crack-free, and overall there shouldn’t be too many knot points on your deck’s lumber.

The Right Hardware

One almost certain way to tell that a deck was installed by a do-it-yourself expert without a building permit is that the deck is held together entirely with varying styles of joint plates and wood screws. While this may work just fine for attaching the actual decking 2x4s, the support structure of the deck should be made with heavy-gauge stainless steel nuts and bolts. This strengthens your deck and stabilizes it, severely reducing the chance that your deck will collapse when put under pressure.

Good Math

90% of great deck building is simply applying good geometry and algebra to the equation. If your deck doesn’t have squared corners, parallel lines, and equidistant gaps in the slats or railings, there could be bad math hidden underneath the entire thing. Trust us when we say that a deck you need to support your weight and the weight of the flaming grill you are cooking on is not the kind of thing you want unknown variables with.

Thick Stain or Sealant Application

Even the very best of wood needs to be properly sealed and stained if your deck has any chance of standing the test of time. Whether your deck builder handles this or whether the homeowner does, your deck needs to be thoroughly sanded, cleaned, and sealed and stained. New wood only requires a light sanding, while older wood might make you wish you had more kids around the house to help. Any stain, sealer, or two-in-one product that is applied should be laid on thick, as the wood will “drink” a fair amount of it up 

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