It’s that time of the year again. Spring is right around the corner, and we’re all awaiting the warm sunshine and longer days so we can get to our outdoor living space projects. Want a new fence? Considering adding a deck or additions to your deck? JJ Fencing & Decks has been providing all of Northern Colorado with quality service and exceptional customer satisfaction. If you do attend the home show, take advantage of our pro tips below to make the most out of the experience.

What is the 2018 NoCo Home Show?

The 2018 Northern Colorado Home Show will be taking place between March 9-11. You can find all the general information on the show here. However, we would like to offer some pro tips on how to make the most out of your home show experience as an active customer looking to complete a home project, whether a fence, deck or an outdoor feature.

Why is it important to customers and contractors?

Home shows are the backbone of the fencing, decking, and outdoor living space industry. It’s a collaborative effort to sell, show, and inspire our potential customers. Not only do we get the leaders in the industry showing off new ideas and time proven strategies, but we all get to enjoy the one area of our property that brings us all together: the backyard.

Whether you go to home shows to look around or actively hunt for information and quotes, enjoy the experience first and foremost. Secondly, give JJ Fencing & Decking a call if you’re curious about a project or quote you’ve gotten at the show. We’re always glad to help.

How you can get the most out of the event

Look for ideas: A home show is a wonderful event to get new ideas for your new fence, deck, or outdoor living space. Companies, products, and even other customers soak in the experience together. Take your ideas for your new outdoor living space project to the home show and see if you can find similar or better ideas for your backyard.

Get quotes: It’s easy to collect brochures and pamphlets at a home show, but we would advise you get a quote if you can. What this does is lock in a price from the company you’re talking to. Not only is locking in a price important, but you can leverage that quote after the show with other companies to get an even better price. We encourage all our customers to visit the home show because it may spark a great idea or get them a great price.

Never commit: Although we love the home show, we tend to advise customers to not commit at the home show. You’re interacting with one person at the potential company. You want to ask the contractor in depth questions the salesman there may not be able to answer. Also, paying for a project the company has yet to see project plans, timeline, or design can lead to issues down the road. The best approach is to get information, get a quote, and then get out.

Did you get a quote? Bring it to us!

JJ Fencing & Decks encourages all of our potential customers to hit up the 2018 NoCo Home Show for ideas, quotes, and to talk to other professional contractors in the area. It’s important that you’re being educated about your next outdoor living space decision. However, if you do get quotes from other fencing or deck companies, bring it to us. We want to work with you and make your fencing or deck dreams become reality. We’ll work our hardest to beat any price you bring to us. Not only do you get the best price, you are also guaranteed the highest quality service in the industry, hands down.

Choose JJ Fencing & Decks

After serving Fort Collins, Windsor, and Loveland with quality fencing and decks for years, we understand what it takes to design, plan, budget, and complete outdoor living space projects. If you want to start your next project as Spring emerges, give us a call today!