Deck maintenance is something homeowners either take pride in or avoid at all costs. There’s very few who exist somewhere in the middle. No matter how you feel about deck maintenance, the lifespan of your deck is directly related to routine care.

In this two-part blog series, your local deck contractors, JJ Fencing and Decks, will explain the 12 dos and don’ts of deck maintenance.

Six Dos and Don’ts of Deck Maintenance

Don’t Worry About Imperfections

Wood grain is going to be relatively unique per board. This means that if you notice an aesthetic imperfection it’s what makes your deck unique. If you can’t stand that it looks different, replace it.

Do Seal Your Deck Every Few Years

When you do seal your deck, go for the all-in-one product to save yourself some hassle and work. An annual deck seal will help keep the wood healthy, and your deck comfortable.

Don’t Ignore Stairs, Railings, And Other Stress Points

It can be easy to ignore the less visible components of your deck. The stairs and railings need to be inspected regularly to ensure integrity and functionality. You want to check for rot, damage, excessive movement, and more. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Do Be Careful Power Washing Your Deck

When we get our hands on a power washer, we feel great. It’s a wonderful tool that wields a satisfying water power we can’t find anywhere else in a home improvement store. Although it’s a fun tool to use, you need to keep your deck power washing to a minimum, as little as once every couple years. The regular wear and tear of foot traffic, weather, and otherwise puts your deck through its paces. Don’t decrease the wood’s lifespan with power washing it too often.

Don’t Use Bleach To Clean Your Deck

It can be tempting to use bleach or other harsh chemicals to clean your deck. They clean everything. Although this is true, bleach and other chemicals will ruin and deteriorate the wood of your deck. It may get the deck clean, but it will ruin the wood and shorten its lifespan. Use water, a soft sponge, and some gentle cleaner or soap.

Do Sweep Your Deck Free of Debris Regularly

When there are leaves, dirt, or other debris gathered on your deck, it can lead to moisture build up. Mold and rot follow moisture. This means that if you have a pile of leaves from last fall still camping out on your deck, you might have mold growing underneath it all. It’s important to sweep away debris, leaves, and more to keep deck wood healthy and clean.

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