When it comes to adding a new feature to your home, it’s best to get multiple quotes from various local companies. For example, get a quote from multiple deck installers in the northern Colorado area before you commit to a contract. Your deck needs to be exactly what you want for an affordable price. Granted, the market is going to drive the price around a bit, but you should be able to work with a local deck company to get within your budget and achieve your deck vision.

At JJ Fencing and Decks, we take pride in delivering beautiful, professional, and reliable craftsmanship on the back of excellent customer service. Our goal is to get you the deck you want at a price that works for both of us. In this post, we share five secrets decking contractors in Fort Collins don’t want you to know. If you’re ready to discuss your deck project, give us a call today! Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

The Five Deck Contractor Secrets

Secret #1 – You can cut costs

It’s no secret in the contracting industry, whether a fencer, deck builder, or otherwise, that there is always a way to cut costs. It just takes time, communication, and sacrifice in certain areas of the project. If you’re still not within budget, ask your local deck installers how they can cut the cost of the project to meet your needs.

Secret #2 – Know how long a deck build takes

Before you sign a contract with your deck installer, make sure you have a timeline determined for the project. Know that from the start date they have a certain amount of days to complete the project. In most cases, decks don’t take that long to build, but contactors sometimes drag out the process to add on more cost during the project that were not included in the initial bid.

Secret #3 – Start small and add on later

It’s fairly easy to add onto a deck that’s built to receive an addition. Ask your local deck installer how you can start small and build the deck to accept an addition at a later date when funds free up to do so. You will save money, get a deck now, and have the opportunity to expand later, if you really want to.

Secret #4 – Large corporate deck companies have higher overhead

The national deck installers have a higher overhead price than local or state-wide deck installers. What does this mean? You will most likely get a better, more affordable quote from a local company than one that’s national. Get more than one quote and compare them.

Secret #5 – Deck prices aren’t as high as you think

If you can get multiple quotes from various companies, you will find that the price for the deck you want isn’t as high as you thought. As mentioned above, local deck installers, typically, can deliver better prices than regional or national deck builders. You can also ask the various companies to beat the price of the other quotes to bring down the price.

Your local deck installers serving Fort Collins

JJ Fencing and Decks has been serving northern Colorado for more than a decade with beautiful, professional, and reliable deck installation craftsmanship. If you want to add a deck to your home, give us a call! We’ll work with you and any quotes you may have already gathered to get you the deck you want and need. We offer free, no-hassle quotes, and enjoy meeting potential clients.