Are you looking to hire a deck contractor in Fort Collins to build your dream deck? In part I, JJ Fencing & Decks discussed some preliminary questions to ask of your potential contractor. This post will continue the list of questions you want to ask so you get the best deck in a timely manner of the highest quality. It’s a great feeling to add a feature to your outdoor living space. Make sure its built right and you’re treated great. Want to learn about more questions to ask your potential deck builder? Read on!

The Deck Contractor’s Reputation

It’s also highly advised that you do go online and look at reviews. They are valuable, because the contractor may have given you two or three references they’ve chosen because they’re good people to promote their business. One can’t expect less. It’s how business works. Online reviews give you a wider breadth of the deck contractor’s overall reputation.

Make sure to also get a written estimate. This is imperative since you want to know what you’re paying for and when it’s due. You may also want to request the cost of what’s called a “change order.” This simply means when you ask to deviate from the deck project plans, the contractor may charge you a fee for that alteration. This is normal throughout the construction industry, and it’s also important why having a plan, timeline, and estimate is so important upfront.

The Final Decision

Whether you’re comparing two deck contractors from Fort Collins, or a large selection, make sure and consider the following aspects to make the best decision for you, your family, and your home.

What is the total price of the entire project?

In some cases, the estimate doesn’t include what some contractors call a “consultation fee,” which simply means they helped you make preliminary decisions on where, how, and what your new deck will look like.

Itemized list of tasks

A general itemized list of all expected work to be completed during the project always helps you keep tabs on the contractor and their progress. This list also allows you to ask more questions during the process and not feel confused or blind while your deck is being built.

License and insurance

Get a copy of the contractor’s license and insurance. It’s important to know the potential deck builder has both requirements to construct in Colorado. If they can’t provide a copy of these documents, consider waiting so they can get them or move on to a different contractor. Not only does the license and insurance protect the builder, it also protects you.

Who’s responsible for injury and warranties?

Ask how the contractor will be taking on liabilities if they do become an issue. This is usually easily answered via their licensing and insurance. Knowing this upfront can save you some time and expenses if something were to happen during or after the deck project, such as injury, craftmanship, or warranties.

What’s the start and finish date?

Request a start date and estimated finish date. Especially in Fort Collins, the seasonal weather can affect outdoor living project timelines. Whether it snows or it’s too cold to work outside, the contractor should have a general deadline to complete the project. You should have this so you can make sure things are going as planned.

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