It’s no surprise you want a new deck. Decks offer space to enjoy your family and friends and keep you off the grass in your backyard. You can grill or host events out back, or you can enjoy a cold or warm beverage after a long day outside. It’s a great outdoor living addition to your home. However, JJ Fencing & Decks encourage their clients to ask more questions of their deck contractors in Fort Collins. It’s an exciting experience to add a new feature to you home, and homeowners can get impatient sometimes. It’s imperative to get your questions answered so you can enjoy your deck build project. Want to learn which questions get you answers? Read on to find out!

Questions to ask your potential deck builder

If you have a question, ask it. It’s your deck project you want the contractor to complete for you. If a contractor doesn’t spend enough time ensuring your confidence in them to design, plan, build, and complete your project, it’s not worth it to hire them. Remember, you want to enjoy your new deck, not resent it because you chose the wrong contractor for your project.

Professional and Historical Questions:

  • How long have you been building decks?
  • Are you licensed and registered in accordance with state and county requirements?
  • Do you have insurance? What’s the name of your carrier?
  • Do you have project references?
  • How would I contact you if you were to take on my project?
  • Are you the supervisor or will one be on-site during the project?

Ask for references—make sure they’re recent.

The construction industry works heavily on referrals. You can read all the reviews online in the world, but it pales in comparison to actually talking to a prior customer on the phone. If your potential contractor cannot provide references, reconsider using them. There’s more to deck building than just the labor, product, and the finished project. Great deck contractors in Fort Collins pride themselves on quality of work and customer service. Make sure you’re getting both.

  • Ask the references some of these questions:
  • How happy are you with your deck project?
  • Did the contractor finish it by the estimated deadline?
  • Were there any unexpected expenses after an estimate was established?
  • Would you hire this deck builder again?
  • Have you referred anyone to this deck builder?

What’s the deck build project timeline?

This is a huge question most homeowners forget to ask prior to starting the project. JJ Fencing & Decks makes sure our clients are aware and on the same page as us when we design, plan, start, finish, and complete a project. Nothing is more important than knowing what’s happened, what’s happening, and what’s about to happen. It makes the entire deck project process easier and smoother throughout.

Some questions to ask before your deck contractor gets started:

  • What is the deck layout?
  • How long do you expect the deck to take?
  • Will the deck be one or two stories?
  • Which materials are available for use?
  • Which type and how much of the deck can we include railing on?
  • Does my budget cover the costs?

Want to learn more? Read part II of this blog here. JJ Fencing & Decks strive to make the customer feel comfortable and confident in their deck contractors in Fort Collins. With over a decade of deck and customer experience, you can rest assured your project is in good hands with JJ Fencing & Decks. You can give us a call or send us a message online today!